NSCC COVID Vaccine and Booster Policy

As of May 12, 2023, North Shore Community College’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate will be lifted. After the conclusion of final exams on May 12, students and employees will no longer need to provide proof of vaccination as a condition of entry, participation, or enrollment. However certain groups of students and employees may continue to have COVID-19 vaccination requirements as a condition of their clinical or external placements. 


  • Students in the Veterinary Technology program need to submit proof of all college required vaccinations, including the following:  MMR - measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis B, Varicella (chickenpox), Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis: (TdaP) and Meningococcal (if under the age of 21). More information can be found on our Admissions Immunization Policies page.
  • The college uses an outside vendor, CastleBranch to provide immunization/ health compliance tracking. All Vet Tech students must enroll in and activate a CastleBranch account.  Please note, health requirements are to be completed on or before August 1.  Entering students must submit completed and approved documents to Castlebranch.
  • Students in the Veterinary Technology program are required by the American Veterinary Medical Association to submit proof of pre-exposure Rabies vaccination or a titer level within two years of pre-exposure vaccination or a Rabies vaccine booster.  This is due by August 1 for students with personal insurance, before the start of the first year,  or October 18 for students with school insurance, in the fall of the first year.
  • Students are required to undergo and submit documentation for Tuberculosis testing prior to their Large Animal and Equine Science class.  This occurs between the first and second semesters of the second year.

According to MGL Chapter 76, Section 15C, a student may be exempt from the immunization requirements imposed under state law pursuant to a medical or religious exemption. Submission of documentation will be required and, if sufficient to qualify for a medical or religious exemption, it will be granted.

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