Student Learner Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively operate a variety of video and audio production equipment including digital cameras and sound recording devices

  • Demonstrate an ability to use non-linear computer-based video editing systems and organize all elements of captured media

  • Illustrate an ability to develop and create original video content, from original conception to final deliverable

  • Illustrate an ability to write basic announcements, promos and commercials

  • Illustrate an understanding of basic fiscal and budgetary considerations of video production

  • Illustrate an ability to communicate with appropriate vocabulary relating to pre-production, production and post production codes and conventions

  • Improve critical thinking, oral and written communication skills relating to visual communication practices.

Interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree?

Credits from NSCC’s Digital Video Production certificate can be used towards NSCC’s four-semester Liberal Arts Communications and Media Pathway. Courses in this pathway ensure graduates are eligible to transfer to a public Massachusetts state university or the University of Massachusetts as a junior status in the major of communication and media study.

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