The Radiologic Technology program at North Shore Community College provides affordable and rigorous education with the goal of graduating competent entry level Radiologic Technologists. The program utilizes up-to-date imaging technology and diverse clinical experiences to prepare students for different medical environments requiring imaging services. The program emphasizes professionalism and constant continuing education to remain competent in the ever-changing radiology field.

To realize this mission, the following Program Goals have been established.

1. Students will demonstrate clinical competence.
2. Students will apply critical thinking skills.
3. Students will practice professionalism
4. Students will employ effective communication skills.

The RT program has established the following Student Learning Outcomes as part of the program goals:

For Goal #1–Students will demonstrate clinical competence.
1. Students will position patients properly.
2. Students will apply radiation safety and follow ALARA standards.
3. Students will demonstrate proper use of all radiology equipment.

For Goal #2–Students will apply critical thinking skills.
1. Students will demonstrate the ability to perform non-routine radiographic exams.
2. Students will demonstrate the ability to determine acceptable diagnostic images.

For Goal #3–Students will practice professionalism.
1. Students will exhibit professional behavior.
2. Students will provide quality patient care and comfort.

For Goal #4–Students will employ effective communication skills.
1. Students will effectively communicate in a clinical setting.
2. Students will effectively communicate within an academic setting.

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