Certain courses in the Aviation Science Professional Pilot program require flight fees to be paid upon registration. The details are below.

Please note that these amounts are in addition to traditional tuition and fees associated with your student registration. Flight training fees must be paid in full at time of registration.

View tuition and fees by term here.

Flight Training Fees





AVS103 90066 FALL 23 $16,889.00
AVS204    FALL 23  $5,706.00
AVS205 90076 FALL 23 $16,432.00
AVS208 99089 FALL 23 $13,469.00
AVS222    FALL 23 $1,866.00

The Beverly Flight Center Rental Agreement regarding "Cancellations & No-Shows" will apply to students enrolled in flight training courses.

Should the student drop the course or withdraw from the program, the appropriate refund policy as outlined by the College, Veteran's Administration, or financial aid award will be followed. 

Students have one (1) year to complete the flight training once they are enrolled in the course. If a student fails to complete the flight training course within one year, he/she receives a grade of "F" for the course and needs to re-enroll in the flight training course to complete the requirements. The flight training fee remaining on his/her account will either be applied to the re-enrolled course or be refunded to the student.

Students are required to attend an orientation session prior to registering for courses in the program. The orientation will include detailed financial aid counseling.

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