What is MassPIRG?

The Massachusetts Student Public Interest Research Group (MassPIRG) is a statewide student-directed, student-funded, nonpartisan organization engaging in research, education, service, and action on environmental, consumer, higher education, voter registration, and hunger relief issues. MassPIRG chapters across the state pool resources through a waivable fee each semester and hire a staff of professionals to work with students on these issues. NSCC students have voted to fund a MassPIRG chapter on our campuses. Therefore, all students are automatically assessed the $9 charge each semester.

For more information about MassPirg visit the website: http://www.masspirgstudents.org

To waive MassPIRG:
Please log-in to myNorthshore then follow these steps:

  1. Log into Navigate for Students
  2. Select Resources on the left hand side
  3. Select Administrative from the menu
  4. Select Student Services 
  5. Select Masspirg Waiver under the Financial Services heading 
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