Health Insurance is required!

Students enrolled in a program and taking nine (9) or more credits at North Shore Community College (NSCC) are required to have health insurance according to the Massachusetts' Universal Health Insurance law.

The cost of coverage for the 2024 Fall semester is $3,573.00. The coverage period is September 1, 2024 though August 31, 2025.

Already Have Health Insurance Coverage?

Students who have comparable coverage(as required by the regulation) and who do not wish to purchase the NSCC Student Health Insurance, must submit an online health insurance waiver through Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk in order to avoid paying the health insurance fee. 

Please be advised that the health insurance waiver must be submitted ANNUALLY.
The deadline to submit the 2024 Fall health insurance waiver is 8/1/24.

For Returning Students

Use the same login information to access the Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk website. The waiver process is the same as the previous year.

For First Time Students

You will need to create a login in order to access the waiver page. You will need the following to complete the process:

  • Health insurance card

  • NSCC student ID number (To find your student ID log into Navigate and select "Account" on the homepage. Your student ID is listed under your name N00xxxxxx)

  • NSCC email address (Please use this email when creating your user account with Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk)

Once you successfully answer all of the questions, provide your health insurance information, and submit the waiver you will receive a confirmation number for your records. The waiver will post to your account within 1 business day.

Questions regarding the student health insurance waiver or enrollment should be directed to Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk at 1-877-308-4259.

Note: MassHealth Limited, Children’s Medical Security Plan, Health Safety Net or Free care are not considered comparable plans and will not qualify for a waiver. 

Need assistance completing the waiver?

We can assist you with the health insurance waiver in person or via Zoom.

  • Please login to your Student Navigator account.

  • Select "Appointments", "Schedule Appointment", "Financial Services Appointment" and then "Health Insurance Waiver".

  • Pick a day/time that is convenient for you!

Need to Purchase Health Insurance Coverage?

Students who do not have a comparable health insurance coverage can obtain health insurance through NSCC. You can find more information about the Blue Cross Blue Shield Benefits and Plan for this year on the Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk website. 

If you decide to receive health insurance through NSCC you will need to pay for it in full or authorize us to use your financial aid if you have sufficient credit available to cover the cost. If at any time you have to cancel or need coverage during the year, please contact our office for information. 

Here are the steps to complete in order to pay for the insurance and/or authorize your aid to cover the cost.

To Pay for your Health Insurance
  1. Log into your Navigate account

  2. Select "Resources" on the left hand side

  3. Select "Financial" from the menu

  4. Select "View Student Bill" and follow direct link

  5. Click the "Pay Now" button on the top right

  6. Select "Make Payment" or "Enroll in Payment Plan"

To Authorize Your Financial Aid
  1. Log into your Navigate account

  2. Select "Resources" on the left hand side

  3. Select "Financial" from the menu

  4. Select "Financial Aid Award Requirements" and follow direct link

  5. Select desired "Award Year" from the drop down menu (top right) 

  6. Under "Unsatisfied Requirements" click and answer the question "Yes"

Students receiving financial aid must waive the health insurance charge to be eligible to receive a bookstore credit. Students who register prior to the semester payment due date should pay or waive their health insurance charge by the payment due date to avoid having the charge on their student account. Those students who register after the semester due date should pay or waive their health insurance charge at the time of registration. 

Need Help?

NSCC's Student Financial Services Office can assist you. 

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