Return of Title IV Funds Policy

North Shore Community College is required to recalculate financial aid eligibility for students who withdraw, drop out, or are dismissed prior to completing 60% of a semester. All Federal Title IV and State Financial Aid programs must be recalculated in these situations. If a student leaves the school after completing 60% of the semester, they are entitled to receive 100% of their Federal and State Financial Aid. 

For example, you have been awarded $1000 in financial aid for the semester and you withdraw from all your classes at the 30% point. To find out the percentage, you would take the number of days you attended and divide by the number of days in a semester. Based on the calculation, you would receive $300 of the $1000 because you only attended 30% of the semester. 

Please keep in mind that if you do not attend a course, we will need to adjust your financial aid based on the number of credits for the classes you attended. Financial aid will only pay for courses that you attend. The school has a published time frame to add and drop a course. If you do not drop your classes during that time and just never attend the course, your aid will be adjusted and you will be responsible for the cost of the course. Also, if we find that you did not officially withdraw from your courses and just stopped attending, we will need to perform a Return of Title IV calculation for the time you attended. An adjustment to your financial aid could result in a balance due to NSCC. 

Occasionally, a student who withdraws from NSCC is entitled to a post‐withdrawal disbursement. We will complete the Return of Title IV calculation to determine if you are eligible for a post withdrawal disbursement for your Federal student loans. We will notify you that you are eligible for the disbursement and give you 14 days to respond to the notification. It is your responsibility to respond back to the notification if you would like to accept or decline the loan. 

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