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Whether you're enrolled in an academic program, or just taking a class or two, it's easy to register for your classes!

Class Registration Events

We can help you personally complete the enrollment process!
For students who are new to NSCC, coming back to NSCC or transferring from another college, we highly recommend attending a Class Registration Event. These events are held virtually and on campus. They allow you to adjust or select courses, work with staff to answer your questions and coordinate other enrollment details. NOTE: IF YOU ONLY INTEND ON TAKING 1-2 COURSES AT NSCC BUT NOT EARN A DEGREE, SEE COURSE REGISTRATION FORM BELOW.

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Just taking a class or two?

Register Using a Course Registration Form

This is a good option if you are not pursuing a degree but only taking a course or two. Submit a course registration form through our secure online portal by clicking the link below. 

Enrolled students can register, pay, and see course schedules in Navigate.

How to register

1. Login to your myNorthshore account.
2. Select NAVIGATE for Students Icon and select Login with your School Account.
3. Select Planner on your homepage
4. You may see “Suggested Courses” from an Advisor when you first click on Planner. Accepting suggestions
will not enroll you in those classes, it will place those classes into the semester order your advisor suggested. You can switch around the schedule if the timeline does not fit with your needs.
5. If you do not see the semester you wish to enroll, click “Add a New Term” next to My Academic Plan on the right side of the page.
6. Choose desired classes from your Academic Planner on the left hand side
7. Either drag and drop into the semester you are enrolling or click the three line icon next to the class to enroll
8. Select course sections (days, times, course format) for each course.
9. Once all desired courses are scheduled, click Register button to officially register for the courses.

NOTE: It is recommended to meet with an advisor before choosing courses.

How to pay

Payment can be made by credit or debit card, or by electronic check. Payments are submitted securely through TouchNet.

1. Login to your myNorthshore account.
2. Select the NAVIGATE for Students Icon.
3. Select Resources on the left side tab.
4. Search "View Student Bill" and select.
5. Click the direct link in the resource.

How to find textbooks and view your course schedule

1. Login to your myNorthshore account.
2. Select NAVIGATE for Students Icon.
3. Select Resources on the left side tab.
4. Search "View Books" and select
5. Click the direct link in the resources
6. Choose the desired semester for your textbooks and click View Textbook Requirements.

Books are available a week before classes begin if ordering from the Campus Bookstore.

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