Pathways to higher education and personal achievement.

NSCC is a special place. We care about our students and their success, and the communities in which we serve.

North Shore Community College is a public, non-profit, 2-year institution of higher education created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1965 to serve residents living on the North Shore.

Our students include first-generation college students, high school graduates seeking an affordable pathway to college, parents seeking a better life for themselves and their families, veterans and active duty military, English language learners, and those interested in exploring new careers.

Our campuses, curriculum, and resources are designed to support and provide pathways to academic and professional achievement without incurring unnecessary student debt, as well as the confidence to embrace excellence, equity, inclusion, and fulfillment in their career choices.

Our students have the will to achieve their dreams and NSCC has many ways to turn dreams into action.

TRANSFORMING THE FUTURE WITH OUR COMMUNITY: North Shore Community College Strategic Plan 2022-2027

A Vision for Transforming the Future With our Community: 2022 – 2027

North Shore Community College is a diverse, caring, inclusive community that inspires our students to become engaged citizens and to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals through accessible, affordable, rigorous educational opportunities that are aligned with our region's workforce needs and will prepare them for life in a changing world. 

NSCC's five-year strategic plan connects the ongoing, vital mission of North Shore Community College with today's economic, technological, cultural, and social challenges. Our commitment is clear. An NSCC education leads to consistently excellent and equitable life outcomes for students that in turn improve community outcomes. 


The three strategic priorities that will allow NSCC to pursue the vision are:

ALIGN the college with regional needs to spur academic innovation and holistic student support and align community partnerships to educate the whole student.

PROMOTE social justice at NSCC and in the community by delivering equitable student outcomes.

 BUILD a transformative, future-focused environment for and with the NSCC community.

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