Noncedit courses lead to degrees and certificates

Pathways to Academic Degrees and Certificates

Non-credit courses offered through NSCC's Division of Professional Education and Corporate Training can be a steppingstone to further training that leads to higher earnings and greater career sustainability.

North Shore Community College is one of 14 institutions selected nationally to participate in the Association of Community College Trustees’ and Education Strategy Group’s Non-Credit and Credit Alignment Lab (NCAL), a two-year initiative to support community colleges efforts to develop new or improved pathways between noncredit and credit programs. NSCC was the only community college in MA chosen to participate, building on its history of activity and success in this area. 

NSCC Offers Noncredit Course Pathways to Academic Programs focused on Behavioral Health

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NSCC helps students gain a head start toward their certificate or degree by using the knowledge they have acquired through prior learning. 

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A Community Health Worker ensures the health and well-being of multi-cultural residents in a variety of community-based settings such as homes, schools, clinics, shelters, local businesses, and community centers. NSCC’s Community Health Worker course can build credits towards

Community Health Worker

Recovery Coaches play a vital role in the community; they serve as guides and mentors to individuals with drug and alcohol problems, and empower people on their personal journey by providing many options and 'paths' to recovery.

Recovery Coach

NSCC Associate Degree & Certificate Programs

Behavioral Health Focus

Substance Addiction Counseling Certificate

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Associate in Science Degree

Developmental Disabilities Direct Support Certificate

Developmental Disabilities Associate in Science Degree

Elder Advocate Certificate

Community Health Worker Certificate

Child Youth Advocate Certificate

Human Services Practitioner Associate in Science Degree

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