College Coordinating Council

  • Oversees strategic planning development, implementation, evaluation, and modification.
  • Reviews institutional priorities and advises the President on the use of financial resources of the College.
  • Provides a forum for sharing information on College operational activities and plans.
  • Receives regular reports from Executive Leadership on plans for major changes and additions to the operational activities, physical plant, organizational structure, and external affairs of the College and provides input as appropriate.
  • Determines when recommendations/issues submitted to it or generated by it go directly to President or should be submitted to Faculty/Staff meeting for deliberation and vote before submission to President.

Standing Committees

Academic Policy Committee

  • Develops, reviews, and recommends policy regarding transfer credit, assessment scores, coursework, academic standing, alternative scheduling/course delivery, College and Commencement Honors
  • Develops, reviews, and recommends standards of student ethics relating to academic honesty

Classified Staff Steering Committee

  • Determines needs, concerns, and suggestions of Classified Staff on matters of importance
  • Conducts meetings for the purpose of discussion and professional growth

Curriculum Committee

  • Receives recommendations and takes action on curriculum proposals
  • Develops, maintains, and updates curriculum policies and procedures

Diversity Leadership Council

  • Develops, reviews, and recommends policy regarding diversity issues
  • Oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of the College s Affirmative Action Plan and participates in the recruitment and hiring of faculty and staff

Faculty/Staff Steering Committee

  • Conducts Faculty/Staff meetings for the purpose of discussion and recommendations on major academic issues and intellectual and professional growth
  • Responsible for planning and developing Professional Day in collaboration with the Professional Development Committee

Information Technology Committee

  • Provides a forum for research, development, experimentation, and decision-making for the implementation of technology to improve teaching and learning, student support, and administrative operations
  • Provides guidelines for purchase and integration of software and hardware and maintenance of a master inventory, including related licenses

Professional Development Committee

  • Assesses the need for and makes recommendations regarding the professional and career development of employees
  • Sets guidelines, evaluates proposals, and allocates funding for professional development
  • Provides and supports activities which foster cultural and artistic growth, as well as foster the value and understanding of diversity

Student Development Committee

  • Recommends policies, procedures and programs related to student rights and responsibilities, student health, safety, and security, and student social and academic development
  • Recommends effective student retention strategies and supports alumni relations
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