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The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) is an international organization founded in 1984 that is dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as building connections among people through reflection, sharing stories, and conflict resolution. North Shore Community College is a campus affiliate and has a team of faculty, staff and students trained in the tested techniques of NCBI. North Shore Community College has successfully offered diversity appreciation workshops that empower participants to identify and appreciate different facets of diversity, uncover and address prejudicial biases, and learn to interrupt hurtful remarks sensitively and skillfully. It is also the host of a state-wide consortium of colleges focused on recognizing, understanding and appreciating diversity. Workshops and sessions can be tailored to meet various needs, days, and classes. Workshops can also be tailored for any department, committee, club, or group.


NCBI consists of over two dozen who have been trained to lead workshops and facilitate conversations. The group is made up of faculty, staff and students from all areas of the college.


  • Welcoming Diversity trainings in classrooms, workshops range from 1-3 hours
  • Annual one-day Welcoming Diversity Training for all new employees as well as interested students.
  • Facilitates conversations on topics with opposing viewpoints. In the past, we addressed such topics as undocumented immigrants, free tuition for community college, the arming of Campus Police, and the raising of fees to offset budget issues.
  • NCBI team members serve on search committees for the College to help insure that diversity and inclusion is a priority in hiring.
  • NCBI team members have served as facilitators for college-wide workshops on White Privilege and Eliminating Racism and for the college community.
  • NCBI has partnered with other college components to discuss student feelings after political elections.
  • NCBI has contributed to the College s Professional Day with various workshops to help bring people together.
  • NCBI has presented off-campus at the state-wide Teaching, Learning, and Student Development Conference with various topics and workshop models.
  • NCBI members have facilitated focus groups of students regarding the cultural climate and diversity of NSCC.
  • NCBI team members has assisted our sister community college and partner, Middlesex Community College, as well as other schools present the One Day Diversity and Inclusion Workshops.
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