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We’re in your community

  • More than 225,000 North Shore residents have taken courses at NSCC over the last fifty years.
  • Over 92% of our 27,000+ graduates live and work on the North Shore.
  • Established 1965
  • Services Areas: 26
  • Number of campuses: 3
  • 2017-18 Degrees and certificates: 75
  • New academic programs launched in 2017-18:  7
  • Total number of Guided Pathways: 13
  • Federal, State and Institutional aid distributed: $19 million+
  • Percentage of NSCC students attending college at no cost to them or their family: 30%+
  • Percentage of students using loans to pay their college costs: 38%
  • Average yearly loan amount at NSCC: $2368
  • Percentage of NSCC degree program graduates employed in Massachusetts: 75%+
  • Average yearly salary for NSCC degree program graduates: $35,000+
  • Percentage of certificate program graduates employed in Massachusetts: 80%+
  • Average yearly salary for certificate program graduates: $30,000

NSCC’s Beginnings

Our Mission and Vision for the Future

Annual Enrollment FY2015-FY2019

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Fall 2018 Enrollment

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graph minority and nonminority enrollment
graph full and part-time enrollment fall 2108

Students by Age

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Enrollment by Program Type

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Source: Massachusetts Department of Higher Education  

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