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North Shore Community College was created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to serve residents living on the North Shore and our campuses and curriculum are designed to provide pathways for all to affordable higher education. NSCC is a special place – we care about our students and their success, and the communities we serve.

Our campuses are virtual now!

We're all in this together and look forward to seeing you in-person, but safety first!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've transitioned our on-campus life to virtual experiences and, to promote safer learning, we have redesigned our instructional methods for Fall 2020. Access to all NSCC campuses and buildings is restricted except for students who have previously scheduled appointments beginning August 2020.  

Virtual Student Life on Campus

By participating in clubs, organizations, and community service projects, you can develop personal, organizational, and civic leadership skills while creating lasting memories. 

See what we're doing live and online!

Workforce Development

North Shore Community College offers the largest resource of career development training north of Boston. Need to make yourself more marketable for the new economy? Check out our noncredit Professional Education courses in business, technology, health and wellness, and design. 

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