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CAS is pleased to offer Limited On-Campus Services as well as Remote Services.  Scroll down to find out more...

CAS On-Campus Services

Limited, On-Campus services are available by appointment only Thursdays from 10 am - 2 pm.   When making an appointment, all visitors agree to the wellness pledge.  While on campus, all visitors must wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Lynn Campus
Students with appointments must enter through the Broad Street entrance.

Danvers Campus:  
Students with appointments must enter though the Health Professions Building.

CAS Remote Services

Testing and other services are available remotely!  

Credit for Prior Learning

Please contact kbreeze@northshore.edu or check your options and complete the CPL Wizard

Directed Studies

Please contact atejada09@northshore.edu and kbreeze@northshore.edu for instructions on how to proceed.

Placement Testing

Due to COVID-10 restrictions, placement testing testing is being offered remotely via Zoom.  In order to test remotely students need a laptop, pc, or mac computer with a mic and a camera (phones and tablets will not work).   Visit our Placement test site to Learn more about Accuplacer Testing.

Testing for Online Courses

We are now offering Faculty testing remotely, via Zoom.  Faculty wishing to request services, please read the Spring 2021 Faculty Procedure Policy.  Contact Jane Saunders at jsaunder@northshore.edu for details.

Students needing to make appointments for NSCC Online tests, please visit our  Test Registration page.

TEAS Testing

TEAS tests are offered remotely.  Students must have a laptop or PC with microphone and camera.  For complete details, review the TEAS policy and visit www.ATItesting.com.  Select TEAS for Nursing or TEAS for Allied Health.  Remote testing dates for NSCC are listed under "Danvers" but are remote.  Contact Erika Diaz at ediaz@northshore.edu for more info.

LPN to RN Entrance Exams

Admissions to the LPN to RN program requires students to take the RN Maternal Newborn and RN Care of Children exams, which are  both being offered remotely.  Review the LPN to RN Policy.  Information and study materials can be found at www.atitesting.com.  To register for a test, visit our Test Registration page.

CPS 100 and BYU Language Testing

For CPS100, please contact Erika Diaz to set up an appointment to test remotely. 
For BYU testing, please contact Donna Rosato

Departmental Exams

Whenever possible, NSCC will create tests-for-credit for NSCC Courses.  Check with Jane Saunders for more information jsaunder@northshore.edu.

Thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time. Stay safe and well.

All the Best,

Team CAS

Have you earned credit for prior learning?

For students with military experience or prior learning, you may have already earned credit that you can apply to your academic program.

Credit for prior Learning program video

MA Community Colleges: My Experience Counts
How do I get credit for Prior Learning?

Testing Services

Incoming Students

Accuplacer Placement Testing
Advanced Placement (AP credit) for high school students
ESL Placement Testing
Pre-college High School Equivalency Testing for high school students 
Proctored Testing
Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)
Testing for Distance Learning Courses 

Current Students

Basic Skills Core Requirement
Computer Literacy Challenge Exam
Departmental Exams


The Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Testing supports the college goal of blending tradition and innovation, serving as a resource to individual learners, faculty, other college departments, and the community. Through outreach and collaboration, we strive to expand opportunities for all. We provide an array of testing options and alternative methods to earning college credit with a commitment to a comprehensive approach in a supportive environment.  The Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Testing proudly adheres to the NCTA Professional Standards and Guidelines.

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