Credit for Prior Learning Starts Here

The process of determining academic credit involves evaluating Prior Learning acquired through life and/or professional experiences, providing documentation, and comparing that learning to NSCC courses.

  1. Begin by contacting us to set up an appointment at:

    Julie Morrill, Coordinator of Alternative Studies (CAS)
    Phone: 978-762-4000 extension 5423 

    You may also complete this Evaluation Credit form of interest and we will contact you to discuss your options.


    Visit the Massachusetts Community Colleges My Experience Counts website to assess the types of Credit for Prior Learning that you may be eligible for, to create your personal account, and to get in touch with your CPL Specialist! 
  2. Gather all documentation (e.g. transcripts, test scores, training, certificates, licensures etc…) and bring with you to your appointment. We can then see what options are available to you, and assist you in developing your assessment plan.
  3. For Evaluation Credit a request form must be completed and signed by the student along with appropriate documentation (which may include a written statement or narrative). These will be submitted to the Department Chair or Program Coordinator who will make a recommendation for course credit it will then progress through further formal NSCC approvals.

*Application fees vary and are applied when awarded

Contact our Alternative Studies Coordinator, Julie Morrill, for more information at, or call 978-762-4000 extension 5423 or fill out the Center for Alternative Studies Inquiry Form.

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