The tuition and fees are determined by the number of registered credits. A typical course at NSCC is 3-credits. Charges are assessed each semester. Students who are enrolled in certain Health Science programs and Culinary programs will also be charged an additional program fee.

Spring 2022 Tuition & Fees

Massachusetts Residents (minimum 6 months residency)

$223 per credit (Tuition $25, General Fee $163, and $35 Technology Fee)

3 credits: $669 | 12 credits $2,676 | 15 credits: $3,345

New England Regional Rate (CT, RI, NH, ME, VT)

$235.50 per credit (Tuition $37.50, General Fee $163, and $35 Technology Fee)

3 credits: $706.50 | 12 credits $2,826 | 15 credits: $3,532.50

Out-of-State Rate (non-regional)

$455 per credit (Tuition $257, General Fee $163, and $35 Technology Fee)

3 credits: $1,365 | 12 credits $5,460 | 15 credits: $6,825

Program Fees

Additional Program Fees are applied to the following programs per term:

$450 per term

Nurse Education | Occupational Therapy Assistant | Practical Nursing Certificate | Physical Therapy Assistant | Radiologic Tech | Respiratory Tech | Surgical Tech Degree

$325 per term

Veterinary Tech

$225 per term

Medical Assisting Certificate

$175 per term

Funeral Services

$100 per term

Animal Care Certificate | Animal Care Specialist

$50 per term

Engineering Science

$25 per term

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation | Early Childhood Development | Early Childhood Education | Early Childhood Infant/ Toddler | Human Services Practitioner | Paralegal Certificate | Paralegal Program | Horticulture Program | Horticulture Certificate

Culinary Programs - $125 per course

Culinary Arts & Food Service Certificate

Graphic Design Programs - $25 per course

Graphic Design Certificate Program | Graphic Design-Print Program | Graphic Design - Integrated Media Program

Course Specific Charges

 NSG 202 - $105

 ESG 216 - $35


Digital Course Material Fee

There are many courses that come with low-cost digital textbooks. The charge is applied directly to your student account. Click here to view all courses that utilize Digital Course Materials and the associated fee.

Other Charges

Facility Fee
$50 per semester

Science Lab Course Fee
$45 per course
Applied to courses with lab sections

$4,900 per semester/ $9,800 per academic year
Includes Cosmetology kit

Health Care Tech Elective Fee
$35 per course
Courses include - EMS102, EMS104 and ALH134

Late Payment Fee
$50 per semester

MassPIRG Fee
$9 per semester
Can be waived through myNorthshore
More on MassPIRG

Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance Fee - Spring-only premium health insurance charge: $2,401.00

Note: Students who paid or waived their student health insurance for the Fall 2020 semester will not be required to do it again for the Spring 2021 semester.


Additional Fees

$40 non-refundable payment plan enrollment fee (only apply to students who sign up for payment plans)

$25 returned check fee (each returned check)


The Board of Trustees reserves the right to increase fees without prior notice. The MA Board of Higher Education reserves the right to increase tuition without prior notice.


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