The tuition and fees are determined by the number of registered credits. A typical course at NSCC is 3-credits. Charges are assessed each semester. Students who are enrolled in certain Health Science programs and Culinary programs will also be charged an additional program fee.

Summer 2020 Tuition & Fees


$219 per credit (Tuition $25, General Fee $160, and $34 Technology Fee)

3 credits $657 | 12 credits $2,628 | 15 credits $3,285

Program Fees

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, NSCC has decided to waive all Program Specific Fees for the Summer Term! We hope this alleviates some of your concerns around finances.  We are here to help!

(General, Technology, Facility, & Lab Fees still apply)

Additional Fees

Course Specific Digital Material Fee

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Facility Fee
$50 Per semester

Laboratory Course Fee
$45 Per course
Applied to courses with labs

Course Specific Fee


ATI- $73 | Nursing Central - $160 | Lab Supplies - $20

Late Payment Fee
$50 Per semester

Returned Check Fee
$25 Per check returned

Payment Plan Enrollment Fee
Only for students who sign up for a payment plan. This fee is non-refundable.


The Board of Trustees reserves the right to increase fees without prior notice. The MA Board of Higher Education reserves the right to increase tuition without prior notice.

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