Students successully completing this program will:

  • Apply theoretical concepts of the basic business processes in management, marketing, and accounting, in the business environment.

  • Demonstrate interpersonal, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary to function in diverse, multicultural business settings in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

  • Explain why and how technology, society, and economics affect an organization and the way in which it interacts with its environment not only locally, but globally.

  • Utilize common business computer programs such as word processors and spreadsheet programs for the preparation of documents, reports, and for preparation of accounting, financial, or other tabular data for presentation and analysis.

  • Analyze problems that have no single correct answer; apply decision-making techniques to identify the problem, develop alternatives for resolution, select and implement the best alternative, and measure the results for solving the problem.

  • Employ subordinates effectively, using appropriate leadership styles; assigning responsibility, authority, and accountability commensurate with the individual subordinate’s capabilities.

  • Demonstrate professional behaviors through time management, attendance, appearance, flexibility, and cooperation.

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