The Honors Program at NSCC can open doors!

As an Honors student, you can go into depth in your honors courses, engage in original research, and interact one-on-one with faculty. You will also have exclusive access to the Honors lounge, social and cultural experiences, and networking opportunities. Honors students can take advantage of two distinctive experiences: Honors Components in regular courses and an Honors Seminar. All NSCC Honors Program students complete two Components and one Seminar to fulfill their Program requirements. Students are required to maintain a 3.2 GPA to remain in the Program.



NSCC's Honors Program is certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This means if you graduate and transfer to a state college or university, you are automatically accepted to that institution's Honors Program.


  • To apply to the NSCC Honors Program, you must submit an application and attend an interview.

  • Admission is open to all students who express interest.

  • Current NSCC students must have a 3.2 GPA to be considered.


  • An improved chance of transferring to the 4-year school of their choice.

  • Academic advising from both an advisor in your field and an Honors advisor.

  • Eligibility for scholarships unique to Honors Program students.

  • A unique line to add to your future job resume.

Honors Project Components

Students currently admitted into the Honors Program are required to complete two Honors Components. These components can be fulfilled by taking an Honors-designated section of Composition I or II. They can also be fulfilled by completing an Honors Project Component in a regular course. For the project to count toward a student's Honors Program requirements, an Honors Component Plan and Contract must be submitted by week 5 of the semester.

Honors Courses

CMP 101H

Honors Composition I (Fall)

CMP 102H

Honors Composition II (Spring)

MAT 143H

Honors Statistics

HON 200+

Honors Seminars

Topics include: The Meaning of Life in Film, Fiction and Philosophy; I Am Hip Hop; The Human Genome; and The Green Economy.


Honors Program Showcase

Each Spring semester, the Honors Program hosts an Honors Program Showcase where students show one piece of their Honors work to be judged by members of the community.  This is an opportunity for students to practice their presentation skills, to share their research, and to win a prize for their project.

What NSCC Honors Students Accomplish

NSCC Honors Students have transferred to private schools all over the United States, such as:

Cornell University
Amherst College
Boston University
Smith College

NSCC Honors Students are guaranteed admission to the Honors Programs at all State Universities and UMass schools, including:

UMass Amherst
Salem State University
UMass Lowell
UMass Boston


Ryan Duggan

I can save money, stay close to home, and start on my goal of becoming an environmental conservationist.

Ryan Duggan

2019 AA, Environmental Studies

NSCC Honors Program students are guaranteed admission to the Honors Programs at all state universities and UMass colleges and universities.


North Shore Community College is an accredited public institute of higher education where all are welcome and each is challenged. NSCC is accredited by NECHE, the New England Commission of Higher Education.

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