To provide an imaginative academic program of high quality, designed for aspiring and experienced professional fire fighters and those in a variety of occupational roles related to the fire service which will:

  • Allow them to meet requirements for an Associate Degree in a timely manner.

  • Provide the opportunity to continue their education and earn a Bachelor's Degree in Fire Science Administration.

  • Allow them to gain the knowledge and intellectual skills necessary for flexibility and advancement in their careers.

  • Enrich their general education.

  • Provide a college-level certificate program designed to offer content and skills acquisition and other experiences appropriate for fire fighters who desire technical courses but not a degree.

  • Provide a program of high quality that will take advantage of possibilities inherent in independent learning, standard examinations, national and state professional programs, accredited certificates and life experiences.

  • Encourage students to clarify and develop a system of values that will assist them to apply empirical methods in a manner appropriate to the fullest of their professional potential.

  • Continue to identify educational needs of the fire service and provide courses, seminars and workshops as a supplement to in-service training.

  • Establish a resource center with texts, periodicals, audio-visual aids and other material developed by professionals in the fire service that will allow fire fighters to become familiar with current developments in the fire protection field.


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