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What is STEM?

STEM is an educational focus in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM degrees are among the highest demand fields, and offer many prospects for long term career growth. In Northeastern Massachusetts, the top three priority careers in the region are all in STEM!

Consider the benefits of STEM careers.

  • You solve interesting and challenging problems

  • You are creative and work collaboratively with others

  • You work on projects that make a difference in society

  • You're on-demand in the job market

  • You earn a good salary and enjoy job flexibility

STEM Starter Academy at NSCC

STEM Starter Academy supports students in STEM pathways that lead to careers in high-demand fields. STEM Starter programs help students to explore innovative careers, gain skills and experience, and focus on important success skills in a supportive environment. 

Who can benefit from STEM Starter Academy?

Students from all backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a STEM program at NSCC are welcome to participate in programs supported by STEM Starter Academy. 

STEM Summer Academy

August 2024

Gain college success strategies that will give you the tools you need to be STEM-ready in college and in the workplace.


STEM Transfer

Start this summer!

Pursue bachelor’s degrees in a STEM field at one of Massachusetts’ state colleges or universities



Participate in STEM activities and learn about careers in STEM.



STEM Coaching

Work with a STEM Academic Advisor for specialized course planning guidance and a STEM Coach for one-on-one personalized support while you work towards your academic and career goals.


Receive dedicated tutor support for your STEM courses.


Explore different STEM disciplines, careers, and educational paths while developing leadership skills.

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