Students completing this program will:

  • Develop research skills for effective design and marketing communications.
  • Demonstrate organized, confident public speaking techniques.
  • Apply principles of color psychology and good standards for page layout and design to the creation of artwork and publications.
  • Acquire and practice proper freehand drawing/comping and computer-based skills for illustration, photo-manipulation, and page-layout software.
  • Define and employ proper typographical attributes for specification of type, solving copy fitting needs and proofreading/critiquing.
  • Recognize the many legal, social, cultural, political, ethical, ecological and economic contexts related to the diversity and creativity in design and marketing communications.
  • Develop job proposal and billing techniques and the ability to select a printing company based on estimate costs and the type of product to be produced and services provided.
  • Develop the ability to effectively gather and present communications to and from clients for the creation of graphic/print solutions for specific projects, processes and demographics.
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