Certain fire fighters may be eligible for a tuition waiver while attending North Shore Community College.

To be eligible a person must:

  • Be a matriculated student in the Fire Protection and Safety Technology Degree or Certificate Program.
  • Be a fire fighter at the time they are taking courses and that must be documented by a letter from their Fire Department.
  • At the time they are taking courses they must be interested in continuing their education at Salem State College and express this in writing.
  • Be a full time student, taking 12 or more credits, in the semester they are applying for the waiver. The only exception is a student in his/her last semester when they have less than 12 credits left for their degree.
  • Be only taking courses that count toward the degree or certificate.

Students must apply for the tuition waiver each semester after they have registered for courses. They need not submit documentation of eligibility each semester unless there is a break between semesters.

There is no Tuition Waiver for Summer courses.

The Application and other documentation must be submitted to the Program Coordinator who will determine eligibility and issue the tuition waiver if the student is eligible.


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