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Are you interested in the art and science of personal grooming?

NSCC’s Personal Services Pathway prepares you for a variety of careers. Graduates of NSCC's Cosmetology and Nail Technician programs work in high-end spas and salons locally on the North Shore, and in Boston.

NSCC's Funeral Services program prepares students to offer compassion and skilled, valuable assistance during a difficult time. With close to 3,000 job openings predicted over the next ten years, highly trained professionals are needed for this critical job sector. Average wages for embalmers, morticians, and funeral service managers are $46,900, $68,500 and $91,600 respectively. NSCC is one of only two institutions in Massachusetts offering academic training in this area.

Personal Services Pathway Programs of Study

North Shore Community College offers academic degrees and certificates, as well as noncredit Professional Education training, focused on beauty, hair, and skin care.
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Associate in Applied Science
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