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Become a bilingual professional.

Do you speak Spanish? Whatever your field of study, add value to your degree by exploring our Dual Language elective courses and academic pathway!

At NSCC, our Dual Language Electives and Dual Language Liberal Arts Transfer Degree Pathway offer a transformative educational experience, helping you become proficient in two languages, understand diverse cultures, and stand out in a globalized world.

  1. Choose Your Path: Complete the Dual Language Liberal Arts Degree Pathway or take one of our Dual Language Electives to satisfy requirements in your Program of Study. It's your decision.
  2. Bilingual Proficiency: Our program fosters fluency in two languages, a valuable skill for today's careers
  3. Faster Degree: Finish your degree sooner. Enroll in college-level courses faster. Earn up to 12 credits through Prior Language Assessment.
  4. Smooth Transfer: Transfer to a public Massachusetts state university with junior status across multiple majors after completing general education requirements.
  5. Boosted Career Prospects: Dual language skills open doors to diverse job opportunities. Stand out in interviews, expand your network, and access higher-responsibility roles.
  6. Expert Faculty: Learn from our multilingual experts who enhance your education with real-world insights in your chosen field
  7. Personal Growth: Explore languages and cultures for self-discovery, confidence, and enriching life experiences.


View our dual language "Courses in Spanish"

View our dual language "Spanish-Supported Courses"

How can Dual Language Electives help you?

No matter what your program of study and career pathway, taking a Dual Language Elective helps you develop your biliteracy to add value to your degree and carries the same graduation elective credit and transfer elective credit as any other elective at NSCC!

What can you do with a Dual Language Liberal Arts Transfer Degree?

Graduates of this pathway can choose to further their education and transfer to a Massachusetts public four-year college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree through the Commonwealth's MassTransfer program. 



Next Steps

You can apply today for NSCC’s Dual Language Liberal Arts Pathway for Spring 2024. There is no fee to submit an application.

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NSCC’s Dual Language Liberal Arts Pathway is open for registration. You may apply now for this program. There is no fee to apply to this program.

Here are the required courses for NSCC’s Dual Language Liberal Arts Pathway.

Explore occupations, wages, and projected industry growth anywhere in the country for jobs related to your academic program.

Graduates of NSCC’s Dual Language Liberal Arts Pathway will graduate with these skills.

Total tuition and General and Technology Fees for In-state Residents without financial aid is $6,021 for the 27-credit Pathway (fees vary by program).

Academic innovation supports student success.

NSCC is committed to supporting the educational and career goals of its students, as well as the health, wellness, and safety of all who enroll. If you have the will to attend college, we have the way to make it happen.

NSCC’s new degree program creates unprecedented opportunity
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