NSCC Health Professions COVID Vaccine and Bivalent Booster Policy 

This policy applies to all NSCC health profession students enrolled in clinical programs

In 2022, field placement, clinical and practicum site agencies began requiring COVID bivalent boosters consistent with CDC recommendations for healthcare settings. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health also began requiring COVID vaccine boosters for long-term care facilities. 

Accordingly, students in health professions programs are required to have proof of a COVID vaccination series and one booster. For students who did not complete the COVID immunization series prior to April 23, 2023, one Bivalent COVID immunization is required.

- This policy may be updated as guided by the Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control

Written proof of documentation status must be submitted by established deadlines for students to participate in clinical. These requirements are in addition to other state immunization requirements for healthcare program students.  


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