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North Shore Community College
Quick Facts

  • Credit Program
  • Open Admissions
  • Financial Aid Eligible
  • STEM Foundation (STE)
    Program Description

    Transfer, Degree (AA)

    An option of Liberal Arts Transfer

    The academic foundation provided by the Liberal Arts Transfer-STEM degree prepares students for a focused career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. This program guides students through the first two years of introductory and intermediate courses of a STEM degree, preparing graduates for entry into a Bachelor's degree program with Junior status. Our graduates gain expertise in problem solving, critical thinking, oral and written communication, scientific reasoning and laboratory work, as well as exposure to coursework in the humanities and the social sciences. Most LAT-STEM graduates continue their studies at four year colleges or universities, and go on to technology-focused careers where employers seek people who think analytically, communicate effectively, are creative problem solvers and have strong technology skills. The LAT program qualifies for the Mass Transfer STEM foundation.

    For more information email us at: STEMfoundation@northshore.edu or call (978-762-4048

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