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North Shore Community College
Quick Facts

  • Credit Program
  • Open Admissions
  • Financial Aid Eligible
  • Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Educator (ITC)
    Program Description

    Career, Certificate (C1)

    This one year early childhood certificate prepares new students, as well as those who are working in the field wanting to continue their education, for professional work with children from birth to 3 years of age. This program includes a series of courses designed to develop competencies in the areas of child development, special needs, curriculum planning, and health and safety in infant and toddler education. Direct work and observation of children under the age of 3 are an essential part of this certificate.

    Since the program involves a field placement(s) working with vulnerable populations, students are required to undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and/or Sex Offender Registry Information (SORI) check. Depending on the contents of a student's CORI and/or SORI, placement may be denied. Students who are unable to participate in the field placement(s) will not meet program requirements.

    For more information email us at: earlychildhood@northshore.edu

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