Students completing this program will:

  • Develop critical thinking skills and quantitative literacy skills needed to address management issues in the food service field
  • Identify, evaluate and utilize effective verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills
  • Explain/Describe the proper set up and management of a restaurant dining room to comply with ServSafe Sanitation standards
  • Explain terms and/or define terms associated with restaurant management including sanitation, customer relations, human resource management and proper service
  • Demonstrate competency in all sanitation procedures necessary to conduct a mandated health inspection as per food code
  • Apply ethical and professional principles in decision making situations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of diversity and multiculturalism in both human relationships and menu development
  • Recognize the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability and its interdependency in the food service industry
  • Develop an awareness of community needs and the value of civic responsibility


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