Fall 2024 LPN-RN Application Requirements

Priority application deadline: February 16

Application inquiries may be directed to: SelectiveAdmissions@northshore.edu

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Mandatory Information Session Attendance

Applicants must attend a Mandatory Information Session prior to submission of your application.  Applicants must attend a session during the academic year prior to admission (after August, 2023). 

Attendance will be recorded.



ATI Maternal Newborn & Pediatric Nursing 

All LPN to RN candidates are required to take the ATI exams in Maternal Newborn and Pediatric Nursing exams. Applicants are limited to two attempts within a year (September 1 - August 31), regardless of the testing site and program to which they are applying. Students must score at proficiency level 1 or higher. To schedule and pay for the exam,

Visit: https://www2.registerblast.com/northshore/Exam/List. ATI inquiries may be directed to: TEAS@northshore.edu

The preferred site for the ATI Maternal Newborn and Pediatric Nursing exams is North Shore Community College. Online exams are not accepted at this time. Students whose score reports reflect that they have tested more than two times or at another location other than NSCC must also submit an official transcript from ATI: https://atitesting.com/ati_store/ Additional charges may apply. TEAS inquiries may be directed to: TEAS@northshore.edu


NSCC reserves the right to verify all score reports for exams taken in testing locations other than NSCC. Exams taken at other locations must adhere to proctoring requirements with a secured browser. Applicants are limited to two testing attempts within an academic year (September 1- August 31), regardless of the testing site.



NSCC Online Application for Admission

Submit the online application for the year for which you are applying; regardless of whether you are a new or current student (a previously submitted application does not count). Once you submit your application, the remaining required documents (below) may be uploaded to your account.


High School Transcript or GED score report

Upload a copy of your high school transcript or GED score report. If you previously submitted the transcript or score report and attended classes within the past 5 years, then Enrollment likely has it on file. You can confirm by emailing: SelectiveAdmissions@northshore.edu


Official transcripts from all Colleges/ Universities previously attended

All official transcripts from previously attended Colleges/Universities must be submitted directly to NSCC and uploaded by Admissions staff. You must include an official transcript with proof of graduation from a practical/vocational school approved by the State Board of Nursing. If you have previously submitted transcripts and have since completed courses or are currently registered for courses, then you need to submit an updated transcript. Transcripts may be sent electronically from your college(s) to NSCC at: SelectiveAdmissions@northshore.edu or mailed to: North Shore Community College, Attn: Admissions/Health Programs, 1 Ferncroft Rd., Danvers, MA 01923


Chemistry Requirement

Course can be High School or College level and must have a final grade of C or higher (no time limit)



A word-processed essay written in the English language must be uploaded for the year in which you are applying:

- Please discuss why you would like to advance your education and pursue a career as a registered nurse. What qualities do you feel will make you a good candidate for the North Shore Community College Nurse Education Program? Identify strategies you will use to ensure success in the Program. Please make sure you answer all components of this question.


Math Requirement

Complete ONE of the following (no time limit on any of the following):

  • Completion of high school algebra with a final grade of C or higher
  • MAT110 or equivalent with a final grade of C or higher
  • MAT094 or equivalent with a final grade of C or higher
  • MAT002 or MAT061 with a C or higher completed Fall 2016 or later
  • Module 8 or higher
  • Math proficiency and CEAR score of 54 or NGQA score of 262 or higher
  • Math ACT score of 22 or higher
  • SAT score of 510 or higher (if taken prior to 2016)
  • SAT score of 540 or higher (if taken in 2016 or later)
  • College level math course with final grade of C or higher


MA LPN License

Submit a copy of a valid license as an LPN from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Employer Reference

An electronic reference form and letter of recommendation completed by a nursing manager or supervisor must be submitted on employer letterhead detailing a minimum of 6 month employment as an LPN. The name and email address of your reference will be required in your application in order to submit. Your reference will receive an email and link to the required form.


Course Requirements

To be considered for the LPN - RN program, you will need to provide details in your application on the successful completion (final grade of C or higher) of ALL of the following college level courses, which are required for admission to this program option:

  • Anatomy and Physiology 1 (must be ten years or younger at the time of admission)
  • Anatomy and Physiology 2 (must be ten years or younger at the time of admission)
  • Composition 1*
  • Composition 2 Elective*
  • Introduction to General Psychology*
  • Human Growth and Development* (Must cover life span from birth to death)

* Indicates courses you may get credit for by passing certain examinations.  For further information please visit: northshore.edu/cas/


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