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North Shore Community College
Quick Facts

  • Credit Program
  • Open Admissions
  • Financial Aid Eligible
  • Nutritional Science & Diet Technology (NSD)
    Program Description

    Career, Degree (AS)

    Nutritional Science and Diet Technology is designed primarily to prepare students to become Dietetic Technicians. Diet Technicians work independently as nutrition consultants, manufacturers' representatives and nutrition research assistants, or in partnership with a registered dietitian in a variety of settings: Clinical - hospitals, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, research facilities, home health care program; Food Service Management - restaurants, corporations, correctional facilities, schools; Community - community health programs, public health agencies, Meals-On-Wheels; Wellness - health clubs, weight management clinics, community wellness centers; Business - food producers, distributors and vendors.

    For more information email us at: nutrition@northshore.edu or call 978-739-5522

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