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North Shore Community College
Quick Facts

  • Credit Program
  • Open Admissions
  • Financial Aid Eligible
  • Environmental Studies (EVT)
    Program Description

    Transfer, Degree (AA)

    An Option of Liberal Arts

    The Environmental Studies Program is an interdisciplinary transfer program that helps students understand the interrelatedness and underlying causes of environmental problems. It addresses environmental issues from multiple perspectives while defining personal and collective actions that will lead to solutions for a healthy planet and sustainable living. Since environmental problems are complex, the program provides a broad range of liberal arts experiences in two Pathways -- Environmental Advocacy and Environmental Science -- leading to lifelong awareness of sustainability issues that connect the environment, economy, and society. Experiential and Place-Based Learning options will be provided through opportunities to participate in service-learning and civic engagement, field courses, and travel seminars. Students will be prepared to continue their studies as they pursue advanced degrees at four-year colleges. Career prospects for graduates include environmental science, ecology, natural resources, conservationism, environmental advocacy, and education.

    For more information email us at: environmental@northshore.edu or call 781-477-2160

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