Activity: Lifting
Minimum Requirement: 50 pounds
Rationale: Students are required to lift heavy pots full of liquid or solid food items. These pots can weigh up to 50 pounds. Students are also required to put away food orders as per FIFO system and be able to get product from the storage units to create recipes


Activity: Standing
Minimum Requirement: 3 hours
Rationale: Students must be able to stand uninterrupted for a minimum of 3 hours as labs require students to prepare, cook/bake, finish and taste recipes. Unscheduled breaks alter the outcome of a recipe and therefore negate the learning outcome for that lesson


Activity: Bending
Minimum Requirement: Frequently
Rationale: Students need to bend over to look in lower ovens, retrieve cook ware/bake ware and product


Activity: Grip a knife or similar object
Minimum Requirement: Frequently and for long (1 hour) duration
Rationale: Students are expected to grip knives, whisks, spatulas, etc during the course of the day. They must be able to grip with enough strength to hold the utensil steady and perform their tasks


Activity: Reach the back of the stove top from the floor 
Minimum Requirement: Frequently and while lifting items
Rationale: Students are expected to be able to reach the back burner of the stove to place or lift full pots without the need of any assistance or devices. Students may NOT stand on a box or other "step up" device as they are dangerous in a commercial kitchen and can cause cooks to trip, or fall off if something unexpected happens on the stove top


Activity: Squatting
Minimum Requirement: Frequently
Rationale: Students need to be able to squat down to set the sinks or dishwasher, and to reach product on shelves below


Activity: Work well with others
Minimum Requirement: All day
Rationale: Kitchens are collaborative. Students must be able to work in teams and remain calm and steady. Antisocial or hyperactive behavior does not work well in kitchens and is not tolerated in the kitchen labs

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