Program Faculty

Anne Koshivas

Ann Koshivas, Program Coordinator


University of Connecticut, B.A.
Pace University School of Law, J.D.


"An NSCC education provides you with a solid foundation to pursue employment in the field or to pursue a four year degree in CJ. I am available to discuss career options with students who are interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice!"



Rachel Roessler


Rachel Roesler,
Full-Time Faculty


University of Vermont, B.A.
Boston University, M.CJ


"Students in the criminal justice program at NSCC benefit from small class sizes and a high level of attention from our experienced full and part time faculty members. We welcome diverse perspectives and promote an enriching learning environment."


Rachel Roesler was a news producer for several local and national news organizations before transitioning her career to focus on victim advocacy and teaching. She was a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) with Family Services of the Merrimack Valley and is currently a survivor advocate and volunteer with HAWC (Healing Abuse, Working for Change). She has been teaching at NSCC since 2009.




Frank D'Agostino



Frank D'Agostino, Full-Time Faculty


Harvard University, B.A.
Suffolk University Law School, J.D.


"Our department offers a practical and affordable way to obtain an associate's degree and, if you chose, transfer to a quality bachelor's program."


Frank has been teaching in the criminal justice field for over 25 years and has seen the criminal justice system adapt to many changes in society, technology and the law. For the last seven years, he also has been working on the Shannon Grant, a community research grant which focuses on gang and youth violence prevention in the City of Lynn.



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Robert Champagne, Adjunct Faculty

"If we want to change policing , we have to change policing."


Anna Maria College, M.A.
Northeastern University, B.S
North Shore Community College, A.S.
Babson College, Senior Mgt. Institute for Police 
FBI National Academy, Quantico, VA.



Lori Vinci 
Dean, Health Professions and Human Services
Office: DH-319
978-762-4000 extension 4467

Ronald Smith
Assistant Dean, Human Services and Emergency Response Pathways
Office: LS-324
978-762-4000 extension 2153

Georgia Panagopoulos
Administrative Assistant
Office: LS-319
978-762-4000 extension 2150 


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