The Equity & Inclusion Collaborative (EIC) provides a collective voice for diversity, equity, and inclusion at North Shore Community College. The group exists to coordinate, facilitate, and lead the various NSCC initiatives that are working to achieve systemic equity and inclusion by transforming campus culture and removing barriers to full participation at every level of the institution with a particular emphasis on representing the traditionally underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized populations. 


The Equity & Inclusion Collaborative provides strategic vision and oversight to all of NSCC’s diversity, inclusion, and equity committees, and working groups. It also serves as a bridge of communication between all of NSCC’s diversity, inclusion and equity committees and working groups and an avenue for those groups to communicate with the rest of the institution.  Further, the Equity & Inclusion Collaborative will provide feedback to the senior leadership team around matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Supports and advocates for all of NSCC’s diversity, inclusion, and equity committees and working groups 
  • As necessary, act as a catalyst, advocate, or facilitator of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts from the offices of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Human Resources, Administration and Finance, and President’s Office 
  • Collaborates with the Chief Diversity Officer to identify initiatives and provide feedback.
  • Reviews and evaluates the college’s policies and procedures for their impact on underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized groups and makes recommendations to the president and senior leadership team


EIC membership is comprised of about 20 faculty, staff, and students representing various departments and diversity groups on campus, including leadership of each separate initiative.

Lucy Bayard
Debbie Campbell
Vanessa Bates
Chris Bednar
Linda Brantley
Laurie Carlson
Michele Cubelli Harris
Rachel Deleveaux
Andrew Dore
Jennifer Harris
Indira Leisba
Gissel Lopez
Nadira McDonald
Jacob Rockwell
Walter Stone
Bonie Bagchi Williamson

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