Computer Requirements

1. You must have daily access to:

  • a computer (laptop or desktop) running Windows 10 or higher with reliable Internet access or
  • a Mac (laptop or desktop) running macOS 12 or higher with reliable Internet access

    Computers that allow the installation and use of multiple browsers are recommended. Netbooks (such as Chromebooks) can provide access to some features in Blackboard Learn but not to all.

2. Your computer needs the following software/freeware installed:

  • Microsoft Word or another program that produces Microsoft Word documents (such as Google Docs or Open Office). NSCC students can download Microsoft Office 365 which includes Word for free. To download it, go to the MyNorthshore portal and click on the Download Microsoft Office tile.
  • Adobe Reader | Download

3. Your Web browser must be supported by Blackboard Learn and properly configured.

4. Blackboard Learn can also be accessed via mobile devices (phones/tablets). The Blackboard app is free to NSCC users. It is available from the App Store or Google Play for smartphones. Mobile devices can be used to access course information but are not encouraged for submitting assignments and taking tests.

  • Search for and download the Blackboard app.
  • Launch the Blackboard app and type North Shore Community College in the "Type your school's name" field.
  • Select North Shore Community College when prompted. Click the "Web Login" button.
  • Login using your MyNorthshore credentials.

Other Course Software Requirements

Some courses have special software requirements. These special requirements are available on the Blackboard Learn site by accessing the orientation for your course. Be sure to read the course orientation thoroughly. As you read, be on the lookout for additional course requirements.

Recommended Computer Skills

  • Basic word processing skills, such as creating, editing, and formatting documents, as well as highlighting, copying and pasting text.
  • Basic computer skills that enable you to use the Web and email, including attaching documents, comfortably.
  • Familiarity with terms, such as Web browser, online, Internet, World Wide Web, URL, Web site, and Web pages.
  • Ability to upload and download materials from the Web.
  • Ability to compose, format, send, cut, copy, and paste email messages.

Need help? If you need assistance, contact the NSCC Blackboard Learn Helpdesk at

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