Thinking about taking an online course but are not sure what is involved? Then, test-drive our Online Learning 101 class! In this free, self-paced online course, you will learn about the expectations of online learning and how to succeed in this environment. You will also learn how to navigate through North Shore Community College's online learning system and how to use common tools within the course site, such as submitting an assignment, participating in a Discussion Board, and taking a quiz.

Course Access Information

To access Blackboard Learn:

  1. Go to the North Shore Community College homepage.
  2. Click the myNorthshore link.
  3. Log into myNorthshore with your North Shore Community College username and password.
  4. Click the My Courses tab.
  5. Click the Blackboard link in the My Courses module.

To enroll in Online Learning 101:

  1. In Blackboard Learn, click on the Courses tab in the My Home page.
  2. In the Course Search area, type online learning and click Go.
  3. Under Course ID, you will see Online101. Click on that link.
  4. You can now enroll in the Online Learning 101 course by clicking the Enroll button (at the bottom of the course menu).
  5. On the Self-Enrollment page, click Submit.
  6. You should see a message that the action was successful. Click OK on the lower right hand corner.
  7. You are now enrolled in the Online Learning 101 course.
  8. When you log into Blackboard Learn next time, you should see Online Learning 101 listed in the My Courses module on the My Home page.

If you do not have a myNorthshore account, go to the North Shore Community College Blackboard Learn site. In the login page, use orientation as username and guest as password. You will see Online Learning 101 listed in the My Courses area under "All."

Need help? If you need assistance or have questions regarding Online Learning 101, contact the Blackboard Learn Helpdesk at

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