How do I know my browser is Blackboard compatible?

You can test your browser by using the Blackboard Browser Checker. Or, log into Blackboard and use the Browser Checker on the Institution Page. If certain items do not pass the test, you may want to refer to this resource. It is possible you may need to configure your browser. If you have any questions or problems making your browser compatible, contact the NSCC Blackboard Helpdesk at bbhelp@northshore.edu


Who do I contact for Blackboard technical assistance?

If you are having a technical problem with Blackboard, contact the NSCC Blackboard Helpdesk at bbhelp@northshore.edu. It is available Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. It is not available Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. 


My course is not listed on Blackboard. What should I do?

Courses appear in Blackboard when the instructor has been entered in Banner. If your course isn’t still showing on Blackboard, contact the NSCC Blackboard Helpdesk at bbhelp@northshore.edu for assistance. 


How do I make my Blackboard course available to students?

In the course you would like to make available, expand the Control Panel under Course Management. Click the Customization link, and then Properties. In the Properties settings page, scroll down to the Set Availability section. For Make Course Available, select Yes. For the Duration, select Continuous. Click the Submit button. 


How do I edit my course content?

To edit any content in Blackboard Learn, you will click the chevron to the right of the title of what you are editing. If your content is in Blackboard Learn as a file you will need to edit the original file and then replace the old content by re-uploading the edited version into Blackboard. 


I get a quota error when uploading a file to my course. What should I do?

You are seeing that message because you are exceeding the course limit of 500 MB. You may want to first start with cleaning your Content Collection. This resource explains more about the Content Collection and how to manage it. Make sure to delete duplicate and unneeded files. Review this document for cleaning your Content Collection. If your course still needs space, contact the Blackboard Helpdesk at bbhelp@northshore.edu to request a course disk space increase. 


How do I merge two course sections into one?

Contact the NSCC Blackboard Helpdesk at bbhelp@northshore.edu for assistance. 


How do I copy my course?

In the course site that has the content, go to the Control Panel, and click Packages and Utilities and then Course Copy. Select the destination course (that is, the course that is empty and needs to be copied). Select content you would like to copy (the Select All button is a nice shortcut). For Discussion Board, select whether you would like the starter threads. If students are to create the thread, select “Include only the forums with no starter posts.” Leave default selections for File Attachments and Enrollments. Click Submit. 


I use content from a publisher for my course. Can that content be linked in Blackboard?

If you are planning on using certain products from Cengage, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, you can link that content to your Blackboard course. The publishers provide guidance for the best way to integrate their materials into your course. If you experience technical issues, contact the publisher directly. Also, contact the Blackboard Helpdesk at bbhelp@northshore.edu to ensure nothing is wrong with the Blackboard connection to that publisher. 


I don’t teach distance learning courses. Can I use Blackboard if I don’t teach online?

Yes, you can use Blackboard Learn to enhance your face-to-face courses by using it as a web support tool. All NSCC courses automatically get a Blackboard course site. It can also be used by NSCC departments and groups. Contact the Blackboard Helpdesk at bbhelp@northshore.edu to request a site if you do not have one.

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