Configuring Your System to work with Blackboard Learn

The Browser Checker examines your computer for components that Blackboard Learn needs in order to operate effectively. The Browser Checker is also located on the Institution Page after login. To verify your browser in Blackboard:

  1. Open the Web browser you will be using throughout the online course.

  2. Go to the Blackboard Learn site and log in. Be sure to enter the site through the SAML Authentication link in the Faculty and Student Login module.

  3. Locate the Browser Checker on the Blackboard Learn Institution Page.

  4. Click the Browser Checker link.

  5. Verify that your Web browser meets all of the system requirements.

Passing All System Check Requirements

Screenshot showing requirements passing test

If you see a message that your Web browser is properly
recognized AND you see green checkmarks next to all
items, your browser is completely set up. You do not
need to make adjustments to it.

Missing System Check Requirements

If you see a red X by any of the items, you will need to change your Web browser settings. If you see a message that your Web browser is not supported by Blackboard Learn, you
need to install a browser that is supported. A complete list of supported Web browsers is available.

Required Components

Browser Version
Be sure your browser is up-to-date and that it is on a supported version.

Cookies are small pieces of data stored in your Web browser. Blackboard Learn uses cookies as a way to keep track of your movements within the Learn site. This is why it is important to enable your Web browser to accept cookies.

Often, Blackboard Learn opens course-related content in a new window. Having a popup blocker can prevent you from accessing this information and/or taking tests. Be sure to allow for popups.

Required Components Untracked by the Browser Checker

Javascript is a programming language that runs on a Web browser. Blackboard Learn uses this language to be functional. If Javascript is not enabled, the system will not work for specific purposes.

Optional Components

PDF Viewer
Course materials may be provided in PDF format. Browsers now have a built-in PDF viewer. If PDFs do not display, be sure to enable the PDF viewer for your browser. You can also view PDFs using Adobe Reader. | Download Adobe Reader

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