Java is a programming language and the learning management system will not work properly if it is not installed. Refer to the instructions below to download and/or enable Java in your Web browser.

Verify and Download Java

  1. Go to the Java site to verify if you have Java.
  2. Click the Agree and Continue button.
  3. Evaluate verification results. If Java is needed, the verification will suggest downloading/updating Java. Follow the prompts or download the latest Java plugin.

Enabling Java Plugin in Your Web Browser

To enable or troubleshoot the Java plugin in your Web browser, follow these steps:

Edge (20 and higher)
This browser does not allow Java plugins.

Firefox (52 and higher)
This browser does not allow Java plugins.

Safari (6 and higher)

  1. Click the word Safari, on the top-left side, and select Preferences.
  2. Click the Security icon.
  3. Select Allow Plug-ins for Internet Plug-ins.
  4. Click the Plug-in Settings button.
  5. Click on Java.
  6. Make sure to Allow Always Java when vising the Blackboard site. You may want to consider turning Java off when visiting other websites.
  7. Click the Done button.

Chrome (45 and higher)
This browser does not allow Java.

Need help? If you need assistance, contact the Blackboard Learn Helpdesk at

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