A framework of priorities focuses our work.

Change, although often challenging, provides the impetus an organization needs to move forward.

In the intervening years since the college’s last strategic planning cycle, both NSCC and the greater community it serves experienced tremendous change. NSCC’s new strategic plan heralds more innovation for the college, by redefining its role in the “community.” This new vision for the next 5 years, designed from the ground up, merges strategic priorities with new approaches to measuring them. This plan doesn’t just address issues of equity. Rather, it prioritizes equity across all facets of the college: its students, its community, and its employees.


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Align the college with regional needs to spur academic innovation and holistic student support. 

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Promote Social Justice at NSCC and in the Community by delivering Equitable Student Outcomes. 

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Build a transformative, future-focused environment for and with the NSCC community. 



Centers of Excellence

NSCC's Centers of Excellence will include active involvement of local employers in the sectors they serve and will be enhanced by public funding and private philanthropy.

The central pillar to achieving the college's three priority objectives is the transformation of our academic pathways into a new 'Centers of Excellence' model, which targets and deepens investment in academic and training programs that are relevant to our region's industry sectors most in need of talent, that offer our students the best opportunity for social mobility, and that improve the strength, health and vitality of our communities. 


NSCC’s Bertolon Simulation Health Care Center of Excellence trains students to apply theory and skills to real-life situations through state-of-the-art enhanced health care simulation instruction and advanced medical records technology. 

     NSCC's new Life Sciences Pathways Center of Excellence

The creation of a Life Sciences Center with modernized lab access on both campuses will address critical workforce training needs in Allied Health and STEM-related industries. The updated labs will provide learner-centric lab space organized to maximize student accessibility including students with sensory and/or physical impairments, and facilitate close faculty-staff interaction, collaboration and teamwork. 

Khalil Kum, Class of 2020 Senior Software Engineer, DailyPay, Inc.

The professors are top notch, the community is supportive, I made great friends. I experienced exceptional quality and good value, and I’d recommend this experience over a four-year school.

Khalil Kum, Class of 2020

Senior Software Engineer, DailyPay, Inc.

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