Priority One

NSCC’s Vision for Transforming the Future is based on three priorities — and specific action steps and metrics — that will allow NSCC to effectively implement its strategic plan.

Align the college with regional needs to spur academic innovation and holistic student support. Align community partnerships to educate the whole student.

This includes customized course scheduling; emphasis on teaching and learning; expand the student support service experience to improve academic achievement; deep collaboration with community-based organizations to meet student non-academic needs and with employers and four-year universities to pave the way for graduates to obtain good jobs and higher degrees.


Solmaria Deleon, Class of 2022 Digital and Social Marketing Degree

NSCC cares about where I am going in life. I received so much support, encouragement, and genuine care.

Solmaria Deleon, Class of 2022

Digital and Social Marketing Degree

Specific actions NSCC will pursue to advance this priority include:

1). Expand learning modalities so that online, hybrid, face-to-face, hyflex, and remote learning both meet students’ scheduling needs and address disparate course completion rates between minority and non-minority students.

2). Deepen employer connections to assure quality academic programs that address regional needs through the development of Centers of Excellence.

3). Connect degree, certificate, and shorter-duration educational options that are stackable, skills-driven, and which meet learners where they are.

4). Promote dynamic teaching and learning practices through faculty experimentation and professional development which center the student experience and enhance faculty engagement.

5). Invest in technology that is proven to improve student academic success.

6). Partner with Community Based Organizations with resources and expertise to better meet non-academic student and family needs, including adequate food and shelter, child care, and digital access.

7). Expand the alumni network to engender internships, mentors, and career placement for students. 



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