Priority Three

NSCC’s Vision for Transforming the Future is based on three priorities — and specific action steps and metrics — that will allow NSCC to effectively implement its strategic plan.

Build a transformative, future-focused environment for and with the NSCC community.

NSCC’s faculty, staff and students will co-create a culture of hope, opportunity, excellence, innovation, flexibility, belonging, and fun to deliver consistently excellent and equitable student outcomes.


Dermot J. Smyth Digital Video Production Program Director

As an instructor, I can see the pure talent, vision and drive in my students. Knowing they can come to NSCC to start their training affordably and with total support is what makes North Shore an incredible place to learn.

Dermot J. Smyth

Digital Video Production Program Director

Specific actions NSCC will pursue to advance this priority include:

1). Modify NSCC facilities, buildings, and infrastructure to enable excellent, equitable student outcomes and long-term sustainability.

2). Hire, develop, and nurture NSCC human resources to meet the ever-changing needs of students and their communities.

3). Prioritize professional development so faculty, staff, and administrators excel in and enjoy their work and center the student experience.

4). Hold ourselves accountable to NSCC values and goals by engaging in data-enriched practice.

5). Serve as a HUB of the North Shore region by acting as convener, event host, and knowledge source on important issues and shared values.

6). Align institutional resources with local conditions to assure long-term financial sustainability.

7). Explore innovations in job positions with our collective bargaining units and local partners to address the stiff competition for excellent faculty, staff, and administration.


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