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NSCC's Vision for Transforming the Future re-centers the college’s mission around the realities of the 2020s.

In fresh new ways, our Strategic Plan connects to the ongoing, vital mission of our institution and its enduring strengths with the challenges of the 2020s: economic, technological, cultural, social, and also of spirit.

The focus on life outcomes re-engages with the goals students and their families bring to the pursuit of higher education and with the community’s expectations of the college. Committing to consistently excellent outcomes recognizes both that our success rates are not high enough and that the regional economy is short of the well-educated professionals employers need NSCC to provide. Pledging equity in those outcomes assumes responsibility for the equity gaps the college’s students experience here and the resulting inequities that follow them through life, affecting the communities the college serves.


Nathaniel Montero, North Shore Community College alumnus Class of 2016

My time at NSCC was amazing. Students going to North Shore know how it get it done and the faculty support and help us the entire way.

Nathaniel Montero, Class of 2016

Community Relations, Boston Red Sox

Boston University, ‘18 | Georgetown University, ‘21

Our vision has expanded but our mission continues.

North Shore Community College is a diverse, caring, inclusive community that inspires our students to become engaged citizens and to achieve their personal, academic, and career goals through accessible, affordable, rigorous educational opportunities that are aligned with our region's workforce needs and will prepare them for life in a changing world.

And our values continue to support our mission.

Access and Opportunity. We provide access to quality higher education by offering clear and flexible pathways to academic success for the diverse populations we serve.

Respect and Inclusion. We seek to create a respectful, welcoming, and appreciative learning environment in which each person and every group belongs, is accepted, has value, and actively contributes.

Educational Excellence and Innovation. We embrace the highest standards in developing dynamic learning environments through excellent faculty and staff, academic freedom, innovative teaching methods, quality facilities, and engaging technologies.

Student Learning and Success. We are devoted to maximizing our students ability to learn and achieve academic, personal, and professional success through appropriate support and services.

Purposeful Life and Global Citizenship. We are dedicated to empowering students to become lifelong learners and engaged citizens, to understanding the global landscape, and to equipping them for transformative careers.

Social Responsibility and Justice. We are committed to developing productive, collaborative relationships within the college and among our various constituencies so that we may serve to improve the quality of lives in the North Shore communities.

Sustainability and Resourcefulness. We uphold our heritage for tenacity, sustainability, responsible stewardship and equitable distribution of our resources. 


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