Priority Two

NSCC’s Vision for Transforming the Future is based on three priorities — and specific action steps and metrics — that will allow NSCC to effectively implement its strategic plan.

Promote social justice at NSCC and in the community by delivering equitable student outcomes.

North Shore Community College will eliminate equity gaps in student academic outcomes by 2027. We will be the college of choice, examining and transforming our culture and the student experience using social justice practices and co-creating an inclusive community focused on an authentic sense of belonging, especially for those who have been historically excluded from higher education.


Yuleika Lluveres, Class of 2022 Liberal Arts Transfer

NSCC is home. This is not because I live close by, but here, all of it is home. You know, I feel comfortable. No one judges me.

Yuleika Lluveres, Class of 2022

Liberal Arts Transfer

Specific actions NSCC will pursue to advance this priority include:

1). Assure equitable student success through holistic support and culturally relevant teaching practice, including proven models like Early College.

2). Deliver equitable employee success through social justice practices in hiring, advancement, and retention.

3). Build infrastructure and co-create a culture of respect and inclusion.

4). Provide education, advocacy, and scholarship to build an institution that consistently values all its members.


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