Students are considered enrolled until they officially withdraw from the College. Notifying the instructor or ceasing to attend class does not constitute official withdrawal. Students who do not formally withdraw will receive all ‘F’ grades for enrolled courses, which will result in a change of status for the following semester.  Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor and/or financial aid counselor prior to withdrawing.

For withdrawal deadlines, please review the Academic Calendar

Withdrawal Process

To Withdraw from your courses:  

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Username and Password
  3. Type Navigate into the search bar
  4. Click “Navigate For Students” Tile and select “Login with your school account”
  5. Select Schedule Courses on your homepage 
  6. Click the 3-line icon at the top left of the page and “Switch Terms” if needed 
  7. Scroll down to your registered courses on the right-hand side 
  8. Select the 3-line icon to the left of the course name and select “Drop Course” 
  9. Confirm your drop in the pop-up box. You will get a “This class has been dropped” confirmation message  
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