What is NECCUM?

Is there a course you need for graduation, but it is full at your institution? Is there a subject or course you would like to learn more about but it is not offered at your institution?

Then, the NECCUM cross-registration could be the answer. NECCUM is a consortium of 9 colleges, private and public, two-year and four-year, linked by geographic proximity and a commitment to enhance the experience of our students through cooperative programs. NECCUM courses are restricted to full semester (15 week) courses only and some courses are not available due to Special Program Restrictions. Full-time NSCC students are eligible to take courses at any of these eight other NECCUM institutions:

How do I qualify?

You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at your home institution, enrolled in a degree program at a NECCUM member institution, and receive appropriate approval from your academic advisor or Registrar to register for a course at a member institution. You must also have a minimum 2.0 GPA, and meet the prerequisites for the course/s you wish to take at the host institution.

Do I have to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to participate in NECCUM?

Students must comply with the host institution's COVID-19 vaccine policy.  

What does NECCUM offer?

Students at NECCUM member institutions have the opportunity to take courses at any of the other eight colleges as part of their academic program. The libraries at all nine member institutions are also open to NECCUM participants.

Why would I take a course through NECCUM?

Students usually take advantage of NECCUM if the course you want to take is not available at your home institution or does not fit into your schedule and is offered at one of the affiliated colleges.

What courses can I take through NECCUM?

Students are allowed to take one or two courses through NECCUM each semester (on a space available basis). Each member institution may have additional policies regarding course enrollment. At North Shore Community College, NECCUM courses are restricted to full semester courses only and some courses are not available due to Special Program Restrictions.  

What about tuition and credits?

There are no additional tuition costs.  Some courses (particularly science labs) have course-specific fees for which you are responsible.  Grades and credits are automatically sent to your home institution's Registrar's office and become part of your record. 

Where can I get more details?

The first step is to meet with your academic advisor at your home institution.

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