Students who have been absent from North Shore Community College for two years or longer may request to re-enroll under the terms of the Fresh Start program. Under this program, a returning student with a poor academic history may request to be re-admitted as if he or she were a transfer student. Courses completed during earlier periods of enrollment with grades suitable for transfer will be accepted toward graduation but will not be included in the cumulative average. Courses completed during earlier periods of enrollment with non-transferable grades will not be counted toward graduation or included in the cumulative average.


How it Works

  • If the Fresh Start option is selected, all prior course work and grades remain on the student's transcript.
  • The Fresh Start option can be exercised only once.
  • Students who implement the fresh Start option are not eligible for subsequent F Waivers.
  • A student must have below a 2.0 cumulative GPA to petition for a Fresh Start.

Fresh Start status does not apply to financial aid. Financial aid recipients must be making satisfactory progress toward their degree and their complete academic history will be reviewed when determining eligibility for aid. Exercising the Fresh Start option does not allow a student to bypass the admission requirements of selective admission programs of the program's re-admission policies and procedures. A student's entire academic history is considered for admission, or re-admission, into these programs.


How To Apply

Fresh Start Applications are available in the Student Support and Advising Center and must be completed in consultation with an Academic Advisor.

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