Required courses may be waived with substitutions if approved by the department in which the course is offered and the department in which the Degree / Program is offered, for the following reasons:

  • The material has been covered by a course transferred from another institution, another course taken at North Shore Community College (NSCC), by experience credit processed through the Center for Alternative Studies and Educational Testing, or as demonstrated by examination. Transfer courses or courses taken at NSCC that are substituted for existing program requirements must capture, to the greatest extent possible, the nature and intent of the course required. That is, they must provide the student with (1) an appropriate depth of understanding of the subject matter, and (2) benefits similar to those that would have been otherwise acquired.
  • The college curriculum has been revised in a way that makes it impossible for the course to be taken at NSCC.

A reasonable accommodation for students with documented disabilities may include a course waiver with substitution under the policy for students with disabilities. See NSCC Accommodation Policy for Students with Disabilities (on file at Student Support Center).

Waivers with substitutions will not be granted because of dissatisfaction with a course or instructor, failure of a course one or more times, improper course selection, or inability to graduate without a waiver with substitution.

Waivers with substitutions will not reduce the number of credits required in the program of study.

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